Vista Yoga

Individual Sessions

Individualized Senior Yoga ($30-$75)

I'll use the Yoga Movement Screening in combination with your personal health, movement, and mindfulness goals to target my instruction just for you. You'll go home with your own personal sequence and/or meditation tips to practice. On-going sessions are available at a discounted price.

Refine Your Practice ($30-$75)

Meet for an hour to refine your favorite poses or build a routine for your home practice.

Yoga Movement Screening ($30-$75)

Uses eight asanas to assess movement, balance, stability and flexibility. I can then suggest simple yoga postures that will bring balance, loosen the restricted areas, and effect a fundamental transformation in your ability to move with less pain.

Restorative ($25-$55 )

Restorative yoga takes basic yoga asanas (poses) and modifies them for the individual. Using your physical needs, lifestyle and personal preferences as my guide, I will select several poses to modify just for you.

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