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Comments from my students...

"As a runner, what I love about Linda's yoga instruction is that she LISTENS to me and moves me into poses that truly benefit me, individually, rather than assuming I have the typical 'runner's issues.' Invaluable!"

— Allison

"I have been a casual yoga student for a number of years under a variety of instructors. Linda stands out for her attention to her student's needs and abilities. She offers options to each move or stance so that every student, whether beginner or advanced, can come away feeling like the class was tailored to them. A class with Linda is refreshing, both mentally and physically, and always enjoyable."

— Laura

"I appreciate that Linda takes the time to understand individual student's needs. She honors what you are able to do and offers modifications to make the practice available to all."

— Illene

"I have been attending Linda's yoga class for the last several months and have utterly enjoyed the program. Not only is it a wonderful physical workout, but it is also a lovely mental and emotional retreat. I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. The physical aspect is sometimes challenging, in a positive way, but Linda has modifications set in place for those in need of them. By the time you are done with the physical piece, you definitely know you have done something good for your body. A quiet, relaxing finish ties it all together; you leave with such a sense of peace; it is delightful. I encourage you to treat yourself to this lovely gift."

— Carole

"As a life-long 'inflexible' person, Linda has been a blessing. Because I cannot touch my toes, yoga seemed to be the right place, but I always feared it was only for the bendy types. With Linda, that's not true. She meets us where we are and modifies poses as we need. I have LOVED attending her classes and becoming a more flexible person!"

— Dina

"I have enjoyed practicing yoga for 5 years at Vista Yoga. Linda has taught me so much about yoga, its physical strength enhancement, its therapeutic value and the power of the breath. I have become stronger and more confident under Linda's encouragement and immense knowledge on how to make yoga a part of everyday life."

— Ann T

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